More Info on The Green Lantern Animated Series!

More Info on The Green Lantern Animated Series!

More Info on The <I>Green Lantern</I> Animated Series!

Cartoon Network's new animated show of DC's comics emerald intergalactic superhero past the loop...

The guys at Comics Continuum has found out a few juicy details for the upcoming Green Lantern cartoon DC series project:

* A sneak preview is likely in the fall, just like Cartoon Network did with their other new show Young Justice.

* Episodes will be mostly individual, but there will be larger arcs in the superhero/space animated TV show.

* CG will look more sylized, than a realistic approach.

* In the second half of the first season Manhunters will play a very important role.

* The series will open with a 2-part Green Lantern starter.

* Saint Walker is to appear in the first season although Sinestro is not likely to appear, but definitely not as the yellow bearing ring super villain.

* Also the voice recording has already started.

LEEE777 - Looking forward to this but then I'm normally like that with any DC animated project, because we know every single one will be quality. Still fingers crossed for lots of Guy Gardner.
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