New Preview Trailer & Episode Description for Transformers Prime Season 2

New Preview Trailer & Episode Description for Transformers Prime Season 2

The folks over at the Transformers World 2005 wiki Fansite have posted articles for the upcoming season that includes a general summary of the first episode. More details after the jump.

Earlier this week TFW2005 found that Zap2It updated their Transformers Prime listings with the title and description for the first episode of the second season. Titled "Orion Pax part 1", the description reads:

"Megatron manipulates the impaired Optimus into joining the Decepticons."

About a day later a new high resolution trailer for the episode was posted on MTV's website and can now be viewed on YouTube..

Hasbro's recent take on the Transformers series has previously highlighted a character study presented in the conflict between principal antagonist Megatron and protagonist Optimus Prime who has now been pre-versioned back to earlier pre-prime incarnation Orion Pax. Although originally a Megatron loyalist when the former gladiator turned freedom fighter championed the struggle for universal equality on Cybertron. Ultimately, their differences led to a falling out similar to the scism between Charles Xavier and Erik Lencher in the X-Men series except that Megatron was less motivated by hatred of his adveraries and more by his jealous ambition for power.

"How will Orion deal with the realities of what it means to be a Decepticon in this day and age?" "Will he maintain his loyalty to his mentor or will history repeat itself?" "And what of the other characters?"

Judging from the trailer it seems that Ratchet will be the one to assume the role of lead Autobot in Optimus' absence. It also looks & sounds like things will be getting intense for the autobots.
I personally will be interested in seeing whether or not the second season continues a theme that has to be considered one of the hallmarks of this show in its first season as well as one of its more interesting aspects: Pushing the main protagonists past their breaking points and watching how they deal with it.

Either way, we'll be finding out February 18th..
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