Nolanite Reviews: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Nolanite Reviews: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Part 2 of arguably the best Animated Flick to come out of DC Comics Animated department is not out for a few weeks but I have just watched it and I must say Im IMPRESSED. Here is My spoiler free Review!

I have been MIA from this site just a tad bit long and this is my first review in the longest so here goes nothing! Part 1 of the Frank Miller series came out a few months ago and just like me everyone out there is eagerly awaiting for the release of Part 2. News broke out earlier on here that you can actually buy it on Amazon and stream it. me being the NOLANITE that Iam and a major DC fan, I purchased it and just finished watching it. So in this review I will be discussing a few components that make this a a great finale and direct adaptation.

The Villain(s)

The main antagonist in this film is obviously The Joker as many of you know but that is just a piece of the puzzle that turns out to be a well fleshed out conclusion. The whole city of Gotham is out for our favorite superhero as well as Good Ole Superman. Both the action and gruesomeness given by the city itself and the Joker is outstanding. While there is blood and there is plenty of it. The Joker here is voiced by Michael Emerson and what a splendid job he does. He add that tiesto that we expect from the Joker. It was teased in Part 1 that he would be going head to head with Batman but we did not know to what extent. Our Boy Superman is being voiced by Mark Valley. Just as good of a job that Michael Emerson does, Valley does as well. In Part 2 we find our favorite FlyBoy working with the president and is told to hunt down his long time friend and buddy. When both Bruce and Clark collide we see just exactly what it would look like on a live action film. So with the Joker, Gothams new commissioner, and Superman, Batman has his hands full.

The Score

Christopher Drake does just as good if not an even better job at his original music in this outing and conclusion. The score plays all the way through the movie. It gets you tangled into the dramatic portions of the flick and draws you into the numerous fight scenes the Batman encounters. Just what Hans Zimmer did for the Joker In The Dark Knight, Drake does for TDKR Part 2. He adds that Zesty feel to the dialogue scenes that each of the characters have. The Joker has his own buzz and so does Superman.

Special Features

While the digital download does not give you exactly what the Blu Ray version would, The special featurette "When Heroes Collide" out shines the rest. Many of the writers and fans take sides on the outcome of the classic clash between both friends.

Theres also a featurette on the Joker and how the portrayal of the villain is translated from the pages of the comic book into this animated movie. The Joker is definitely portrayed as an architect of many mythology stories. In this special Feature they break down his character and explain how exactly he was played out in the movie. They go way back to the early roots of his character explain his motives and just why he is one of the most famous villains in The world of DC comics.


Just like Frank Miller drew it out is exactly how director Jay Oliva put its on film. I watched this flick twice since I purchased it this morning and pulled out my dearly beloved comic books and you can actually follow it page by page. Though a few minor things were changed to supplement the story, overall its very darn near to the comic book arc Miller gave to us. Towards the end of the movie itself we see Batman go at it with Superman and although it was heartbreaking to see our two DC icons duke it out, it is the very fine thing we have all been waiting for. That fight scene in itself is built up through out the plot and sticks very close to the pages it was brought from.

In conclusion, Overall this satisfied my patience. After the minor footage we received after the ending of Part 1 we knew a satisfying conclusion was headed our way. Alongside a great cast of characters, also expect for a few minor teases to several other DC comics key players. The portrayal of the aging Bruce Wayne was displayed in the many beatings he received. The Dialogue kept you interested enough to want more. The inclusion of Superman as a Bad Guy and working for the Government only made the story much better. I would have to say that Robin was a dandy sidekick. She was there through most of the movie and very helpful to the Man of Tomorrow. And Finally the gritty touch to our favorite superhero was quite divine. There was blood, more to this animated movie than most DC priors but it all added a more darker approach to the comic book movie genre. I give this Outstanding Animated feature:

Hopefully I didn't give anything away as not many have yet to see this yet. If you did then what do yall think? Sound off in the usual place and keep the drama to your momma if ya have it! And If ya havent then what are you waiting for?! Here is the link to purchase it. It available on Amazon and can also be viewed on the XBOX 360 or Playstation systems. Boy oh Boy this makes me wish Superman: Unbound was releasing today!
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