Pilot Episode For Black Dynamite Animated Series Debuts!

Pilot Episode For Black Dynamite Animated Series Debuts!

Pilot Episode For <i>Black Dynamite</i> Animated Series Debuts!

The unaired pilot episode of the new Black Dynamite animated series has hit the Internet courtesy of Adult Swim, who will be premiering the new series in Spring 2012.

After success with the Black Dynamite live-action movie, co-written & starring Michael Jai-White (Spawn, Mortal Kombat: Legacy), as well the Black Dynamite: Slave Island graphic novel, the Black Dynamite story continues with the new animated series from Adult Swim. The site has posted the first episode of the series that is planned for a spring 2012 premiere.

Does it live up to the movie? And will there be an audience to make it last? This writer might like it more than the movie—where the movie dragged on at times. The 15-minute pilot and a planned 30-minute run time on the series provides a tighter more enjoyable watch.

The show teams Boondocks writer and producer Carl Jones with the cast and creators of the Black Dynamite film. Clearly from the pilot the show has the same look and art style as Boondocks which fits nicely with the 70s old school cartoon aesthetic. While the art and even lettering is in the same Boondocks style, the fast-pursuit pace and maturity of Black Dynamite pushes the art into a different zone.

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