The latest MCU movie review by Nibs! Is this when Marvel is going to start catching up to DC in the animation department? Or can you file this one away with your copy of the 1990 Captain America? Click here to find out! Spoilers! And a description of the post-credit scene!

Using Gamma energy, Hydra has accidentally created the creature of living electricity known as Zzzax! Can Iron Man & Hulk put aside their differences to stop it??

6 word review?
This movie's a piece of shit.

Hydra creates Zzzax by mistake, and Hulk and Tony must team up to stop it. There really isn't anything else to it than this other than a Wendigo appearance that will leave you scratching your head.

This movie does appear to take place in the MCU.
It is a Hulk and Iron Man movie.
There is a post-credits scene.
It is mostly coherent.

The BAD:

The story is so A to B I've almost given more detail in my above descriptions than the entire movie supplies.

The only side track from the main plot is when Hulk & IM fall out of one battle into a totally random cemetery and have to fight a bunch of Wendigos for absolutely no reason before they can jump back into the fight with Zzzax. I cannot stress how little sense this scene made.

The animation is horrifying. Other than the way the Hulk is shaded, which I thought looked decent. But they didn't even make enough mouth-animations to sync up the dialogue. Just so lazy.
The Abomination looks like he was taken out of a PS1 game, in fact, all of the characters are abysmal and consist of only 2 or 3 colours.
Iron Man looks okay, but then when you see him up close you'll realize there is no definition to the suit design and that it just looks sloppy.
This is especially painful when considering there only 8 characters in the entire movie. Hulk, Iron Man (face mask up and down), 2 Hydra Agents, Abomination, Wendigo, Zzzax and (SPOILER!) Red Skull in the end-credit scene. That's it. No SHIELD anyone, no other heroes, not even pedestrians with no dialogue! So lazy.

The dialogue that is there is also bad, I would compare it to the equivalent of a cut-scene on a child's PC game. Marvel also tries to sprinkle in some jokes like the other MCU movies since The Avengers, and these ones are the worst of the worst.
It also uses MCU's "intelligent" Hulk which I hated. Hulk is actually the one at the end that proposes the scientific method in order to defeat Zzzax, not Tony. No Bruce Banner in this one.

And did I mention there are no extra characters, no extra people in any capacity in the entire thing? 8 people start to finish (the Hydra agents are almost identical and Wendigo is just The Abomination with horns).

The post-credits scene is just Red Skull in a Hydra warehouse talking about how he will destroy Iron Man and Captain America in the presumable shitty sequel.



Just a holiday season cash grab and a piece of throw-away trash. I rank it on par with 1990 Captain America and the 1984 Supergirl movie. Movies don't actually get worse than this.
It is definitely the worst animated CBM to date that I have watched and rated thus far, including Superman: Unbound (3/10) and Batman/Mr. Freeze - Sub-Zero (2/10).

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