RUMOR: CGI-animated Batman series cancelled?

RUMOR: CGI-animated Batman series cancelled?

Has the new Batman CGI series been cancelled. Hit the scoop to find out!


"Character designer Coran Stone revealed in his DeviantArt gallery that HE was selected by James Tucker to do the character designs for Tucker's new Batman show, but CN cancelled the project because it was "too dark". This is what he had to say:

"So I guess this means this whole mysterious show has been cancelled, and we're back to the speculation drawing, and it would have had Casssandra Cain/Batgirl too "

Well this sucks. Based off that pic, I think the show would've at least looked good. And it would've been nice to see Nightwing and Damian to me in animation again. I know there's a lot of Cass fans out there, and I here she's a bad ass character, so I think it would've been cool to see her in animation too.

Though, I'm surprised they canceled it cause it was too dark. Thundercats​ regularly features death onscreen, and had a character literally stabbed in the back and die.
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