SCOOP: Bruce Timm Taking Break....But Returning With More JUSTICE LEAGUE

<font color="red">SCOOP:</font> Bruce Timm Taking Break....But Returning With More JUSTICE LEAGUE

Bruce Timm is handing the reigns of Warner Bros. Animation to James Tucker who will be looking to explore a wider variety of characters beyond Batman and Superman. In the meantime, here's what Timm will be doing.

Bruce Timm Returns!

Yes, Bruce Timm is stepping down as the Supervising Producer of Warner Bros. Animation but this development is something of a win/win. Jim Tucker will be running the show moving forward and he'll be looking to give fans something fresh and new by utilizing Batman and Superman as a means to bring other DC characters to the spotlight. This is what many fans have been clamoring for after a nearly two-decade long focus on The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.

Timm is taking a break to work on his own projects but once WB says 'go', he'll quietly begin serious efforts on something else for Warner Bros. Animation an individual inside the Burbank offices informs us. Namely, Timm will be creating a new Justice League cartoon series that will be firmly set within the DC Animated Universe or Timmverse if you will. Exactly when the series will debut depends on WB's plans for the Justice League live-action movie as they want to launch the new cartoon around the same time as the film.


That's WB Animation publicist Gary Miereanu for those that don't know.

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