Seth MacFarlane Says That A FAMILY GUY Movie Will Happen

Seth MacFarlane Says That A FAMILY GUY Movie Will Happen

In a surprise visit to UCLA to announce a contest involving the Academy Awards, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, announces that Family Guy will be on the big screen. Hit the jump to hear more about the announcement, the contest with the Academy Awards, and some Family Guy parody videos involving superheroes including their parody of the intro to Superfriends.

Seth MacFarlane has had one hell of a year. Seth made his directorial debut in his highly successful film Ted which starred Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth Macfarlane as the voice of Ted. Seth Macfarlane was also chosen this year to host the 85th Academy Awards. Seth has 2 shows on FOX with The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Family Guy and a couple weeks ago Family Guy has it’s 200th episode. It’s been a big year for Seth and it may get even bigger. Seth made a surprise visit to UCLA this week to announce a contest sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and MTV. This contest allows winning college students to appear on the Oscar broadcast this February.

The competition asks students to submit a "commercially viable" video on the Academy's Facebook page for a chance to be one of six trophy carriers during the event. The contest hopes that this contest will draw in younger viewers to the Oscars' aging audience.

The big and news we all care about however, came later on when MacFarlane said that his hit show, Family Guy, could be given the film treatment. MacFarlane has already come up with a concept and promised the crowd "it will happen at some point."

Family Guy has also given little jokes and parodies to superhero and sci-fi films. Family Guy made 3 hour long episode parodies of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. In one of their opening credits, they parodied the opening credits of the cartoon Superfriends. Here are a couple of them.

So what are your thoughts on the possibly of a Family Guy movie? Comment below. Peace. Back to you Josh and nailbiter.
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