Small Review of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Small Review of <em>Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths</em>

Just a small look at the new Justice Leagueanimated film!

Well i could'nt wait to see this after hearing about it for months and months i finally got my copy early lucky me............

So the story to crisis on two earths is a nice simple 1 lex luther comes to our dimension to get the justice league to help him stop the crime syndicate who are super powerd villians but not all of them are in to petty theft some 1 wants to do more damage. (You will have to watch to find out)

Now i really expected this to draw me in but it didnt do that thair was some funny moments but i found some of the voice acting really really poor an they did start to anoy me alot but its 1 of those things i try to look past so i wont talk about it anymore.

The animation was awesome i really liked it alot id like to see alot more dc stuff done like that i really like how sups was done and batman.

So What do i think of it .......
Its great you guys will love it im sure i dont think its as good as wonder woman but this is on par with batman and superman public enemies This is a must get for any comic fan really id give it a 7/10
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