STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Likely Done On The Cartoon Network After LucasFilm Deal

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Likely Done On The Cartoon Network After LucasFilm Deal

When the announcement was made that Disney would be buying LucasFilm, a lot of people were wondering what would happen to the popular cartoon series The Clone Wars. According to a new report don't expect it to stay on Cartoon Network.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know by now that Disney has bought LucasFilm and pretty much all that it owns. This includes the rights to the popular Star Wars characters. As of right now Cartoon Network has had a really successful run with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After the deal there has been a ton of speculation of what would happen to the series. According to The Hollywood Reporter the show is expected to continue, but not on the Cartoon Network.

As of right now Turner, a division of Time Warner, owns the licensing on the show. However, that license only runs through 2012-2013. THR's sources are telling them, which is pretty much a no brainer, that Disney is not expected to renew it. Their sources are also saying that both sides will sit down at the end of the current season and talk about what is going to happen with the show.

Look for the show to wind up on Disney's cartoon channel XD. During the conference call to announce the LucasFilm acquisition Disney CEO Robert Iger commented that they see huge possibilities for Star Wars related content on their Disney and ABC channels. With The Clone Wars being one of Cartoon Networks highest rated cartoons, it's no surprise that Disney would want to capitalize that and switch it to their network.

It's not all bad news for The Cartoon Network, however. The network will still retain some rerun rights. CN will be able to show rerun of the show up until they would loose the rights. That will be up to the current season which is season five.

For the latest on what is going on with the Disney/LucasFilm deal, as well as what we can expect from all thing Star Wars make sure you check back here at CBM.

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