The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Review By Swiftsword777

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Review By Swiftsword777

The long awaited continuation to Frank Miller's blockbuster comic book event in the lifetime of Bruce Wayne as the Batman.

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 is a 2013 animated comic book movie.

Directed by: Jay Olivia

Featuring the voices of Peter Weller as Batman, Ariel Winter as Robin, David Selby as Commissioner Gordon, Michael Emerson as Joker and Mark valley as Superman.

The long awaited continuation to Frank Miller's blockbuster comic book event in the lifetime of Bruce Wayne as the Batman. In part 1, the story takes place ten years after Wayne surrendered the cowl as the Caped Crusader, and though I wasn't exactly around when Miller was invigorating Batman in the comic books, ten years seems more like thirty, but I rather just critique based on what I'm given, right?

Part two doesn't hold back nor flinches at showcasing the darkness that is the life of Batman and his villains. Joker kicks things off by plotting his long awaited return, and becomes the key to revealing the true nature of Bruce Wayne. Joker isn't just the Clown Prince of Darkness this time, he's far beyond his days of killing, and massacres out of spite or whatever reason he deems fit to attract his lover. Michael Emerson taps into the layers of the character splendidly as one might have expected had it been done by Mark Hamill. Weller was good as usual, but this time, his voice made him a bit robotic and emotionless, and should have taken a page from Konroy when his voiced old Bruce in Batman Beyond.

Watching the blood and body counts, this reminds of a time I was at Barnes & Noble and man was at the front desk complaining to the staff and store manager for having the book of the same name in the children's department. Their response was that since it was Batman, they didn't see the need to screen the book. The conversation after that was met with cursing and so forth, and with good reason. I have been a fan of Batman since I can remember and I have seen him on cartoon, video game, live action and currently, back issue.

There is a reason why he for me is DC's top dog. Right now, his reach as a literary character has expanded far beyond his original publication. Detective Comics, Batman Incorporated, Batman & Robin, Batwing and other titles, his reach to readers allows for his name to be as well known as Coca Cola and IBM. No powers, but will and strength plus being the world's greatest detective. Back to the animated movie, they do bring the book to life as many fans have yelled over the Internet, but for me, I wish they could have done it differently; to tweak some of the already established material. DC and Warner Bros. hold top record for outdoing Marvel in the animation department, and for this two part event, I wish they could have gone a different route. Have Joker and Two face the villains of the first part, and his battle against the city and Superman for the second part. It doesn't mean I didn't like the first part but taking both into account, I would have adapted this story differently.

The final confrontation between Bats and Joker would have made for an ultimate and perfect ending to the first part. Watching their fight as a means to push the second plot of him vs Superman was a bit cheap and rushed. I would have had him battle Wonder Woman, Hal and co. instead for Superman alone. With regards to big blue, Miller had him be less of a boyscout and more of an arsenal for the American military. Couldn't help but laugh when he stood high and mighty with the Bald Eagle on his arm on top of a rock, making him seem like propaganda.

I won't say it was a disappointment. Far from it, it was a great continuation, just could have been tweaked a bit. It showed moments evident in Nolan's final entry into his trilogy that made this movie all the more of a treat. The animation was good as always, showcasing a legacy and a legend that will continue in Gotham, with or without the name. It had it's shock moments, especially Superman vs the nuke, which was a holy hell moment for the eyes.

Overall, this is one part DC and WB have been doing correctly(Thank God), and hope they keep up the quality.
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