The top 10 Superman fights in animation...

The top 10 Superman fights in animation...

Superman is the champion of the DC universe, here are the top 10 fights involving the Man of Steel...

Number 10.)

Superman vs. Ten...

In the 46th and 47th episode of the DC animated series Wild Cards, Superman takes on the Royal Flash Gang's Ten while both he, and Flash, race against time to stop a bomb.

Number 9.)

Superman vs. Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy, born on Monday, is the protagonist, I sh*t you not, in the Justice League episode titled The Terror beyond. Atlantis is in danger and Aquaman has enlisted the aid of the Agent of Order Dr. Fate and Solomon Grundy. Superman, and the Justice League, try to stop what they don't understand, but tempers reach a boiling point as the situation quickly turns the epic 3-way Battle between Superman, Wonder Woman and Hawk-Girl and Grundy, Aquaman and the Magician himself.

LOLS!!! Aquaman is lame...

Number 8.)

Superman and Batman vs. Amazo

Lex Luthor creates the ultimate fighting machine to rid the world of Superman and the Justice League, the League is outclassed as the come to find that the automaton has the ability to replicate their super-ability. It's up to Superman and Batman to save the day after their teammates fall and they show-off what makes them The world's finest Superheroes

Number 7.)

Superman vs. Mongul

Mongul alway seems to be on the wrong side of a Superman beating. Mongul is one of the rouges in Superman's gallery that he just can't stand. Based of one of my all-time favorite Superman stories of all time--For the Man who has everything by Alan Moore--Mongul gave Superman the thing he's always wanted only to have it ripped away from him. Bad move...

Number 6.)

Superman vs. Wonder Woman

The power couple of DC, Supes and Wondy! What brings these two lovers into a tiff? Simple misunderstanding, but Diana shows why she's a member of the big 3 and why she's the most iconic female superhero of all-time. All hail the power of the uterus!

Number 5.)

Superman vs. Captain Atom

There's a reason why he's the leader of the Justice League, it's because when he speaks, people listen. What happens when someone thinks their big for their britches and dares to challenge the man of steel? Captain Atom learns the hard way...

Number 4.)

Superman vs. Captain Marvel

Superman vs. Thor? Thor is nothing more than one god, The world's mightiest mortal has the power of 3. Superman has a weakness to magic, but he's been shown to fight through both his weakness to kryptonite and red solar energy(See Captain Atom fight) and overcome them. What makes any of you think magic would fair a better shot? As we see here, what makes him number 1 isn't his might or all his power, it's his will.

Number 3.)

Superman vs. Doomsday

The man who killed him, he cracks the top 3 as the two set off on an abandoned Island with no casualties to get in the way. Is Superman strong enough to defeat his most powerful enemy?

Number 2.)

Superman vs. Batman

Why can't I have the World's finest pit against each other? This is the only fight not coming from the Justice League animated series. Luthor and Superman make a guest appearance in the Batman series titled The Batmanwhere Batman and Superman clash in a fight to end all fights. There's even a slight homage to Frank Miller's TDKReturns. Who wins, Batman or Superman? This says Superman!


Superman vs. Darkseid!

This is the fight to end all fights, Superman finally lets loose and shows just how powerful he really is. Darkseid, the lord of Apokalips, gives the Man of Steel a run for his money in the series finale of the Justice League episode titled Destroyer...

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