INCREDIBLES 2 Teaser Trailer And Poster Unleash Jack-Jack's Impressive Power Set

INCREDIBLES 2 Teaser Trailer And Poster Unleash Jack-Jack's Impressive Power Set

It's finally here! After a lengthy fourteen-year wait, the first teaser trailer for Disney's Incredibles sequel has arrived, and while it's light on footage, it does reintroduce both Bob and Jack-Jack!

With Coco set to open on Wednesday, Disney has finally released the first teaser trailer for Incredibles 2, featuring a very brief look at baby Jack-Jack getting used to his newfound powers, which seem to make him quite a bit stronger than his siblings and even his parents. 

We unfortunately don't get to see much footage from the actual movie, but there is a brief tag at the end that reintroduces Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) as he proudly discovers his youngest child's impressive set of abilities. 

Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) helmed the highly anticipated sequel, which brings back most of the original voice cast, including Holly Hunter (The Big Sick), Craig T. Nelson (Parenthood), and Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Infinity War), amongst others. 

Watch the teaser trailer below:

The Incredibles 2 follows the adventures of the Parrs, a family of Supers (humans with super abilities). The Parrs include the father, Bob, also known as Mr. Incredible who possesses super strength, Helen, his wife also known as Elastigirl for the ability to stretch her body, and their children Violet, who can become invisible and project force fields, Dash, who possesses super speed, and Jack-Jack, their infant who can transform into a number of forms. The sequel will start immediately after the end of the first film, according to Pixar's chief creative officer John Lasseter, where the Parrs are just about to face the Underminer. The film will focus on Helen going on her own adventure while Bob stays at home to watch over Jack-Jack.

Incredibles 2 features:
Director: Brad Bird
Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Elastigirl
Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible
Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
Huck Milner as Dashiell "Dash" Robert Parr
Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Best/Frozone
Brad Bird as Edna Mode
John Ratzenberger as The Underminer
Bob Odenkirk in an undisclosed role
Catherine Keener in an undisclosed role

Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15, 2018
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