Toy Story 4 is a Love Story About....Woody and Bo Peep?

Toy Story 4 is a Love Story About....Woody and Bo Peep?

Toy Story 4 is a Love Story About....Woody and Bo Peep?

In November of last year it was announced that Toy Story 4 was in development for a 2017 release date. They told us back then that the film would be a love story, but not much else information was given, now we know more courtesy of John Lasseter at D23, Come and take a look, see what he said.

When it was announced back in November of last year that not only would the Toy Story franchise be continuing, there would be a fourth film in the franchise starring the characters in this hugely successful franchise, fan reaction was very split, some were for it, some were very strongly against it.  The film was confirmed a long time ago by Pixar general manager Jim Morris to be a Romantic Comedy/Love Story in the Toy Story universe.  Many fans thought this meant it would explore the heavily implied romance between Jessie and Buzz. However as made clear today by John Lasseter, that isn't the case.

“It’s a love story with Woody and—and this is news—Bo Peep.”

That certainly is news for fans, as Bo Peep was not in the last film in the franchise, and was implied to have been sold to a new owner before that film even began. According to Pixar as well the story of the film will reunite Bo Peep And Woody together, albeit through circumstances we haven't been told yet, and will allow them to rekindle the connection they had in the first two films thanks to a script written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.

Lasseter has also said the film will have a strong female voice which could flesh out the Bo Peep character then we have previously seen. Finally Lasseter also mentioned their reasoning for continuing the story.

"At Pixar and at Disney, we only make sequels if we come up with a story that's as good or better than the original. That's our rule. We don't do things just to print money."

What do you guys think of this news? Do you think its good news? Does this sound like a movie you want to see? Or do you think the series should have ended with 3? List your thoughts off in the comments below. 
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