UPDATE:First Look At Star Sapphire From Justice League Doom

<font color=RED>UPDATE:</font>First Look At Star Sapphire From <i>Justice League Doom</i>

A photo from the upcoming DC animated film Justice League Doom has leaked online that gives us a really revealing look at Star Sapphire who will be making an appearance in the film.Updated with more pictures from the movie

Thanks to I am #1 Nighwing Fan via The Blog of OA we have a leaked look at a new character from the animated DC movie Justice League Doom. The revealing look at the character looks as if it was ripped from the pages of Geoff Johns's Blackest Night story. There has been no word on what kind of role Sapphire will play in the movie, but she will be voiced by Olivia d’Abo.

UPDATE:Thanks again I am #1 Nighwing Fan via this time of The DC Movie Twitter Page for the following images.

Justice League Doom will be loosely based off of the epic tale by Mark Waid entitled Tower of Babel and should be released sometime next year.

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