User Review: "Ultimate Spider-Man" Episode 8: Back In Black

User Review: "Ultimate Spider-Man" Episode 8: Back In Black

Could the latest episode of the much hated show be any better? Read my review to find out! Also, my overall thoughts on the show!

I have been a fan of Spider-Man since I was about five years old. He is and always will be my favorite superhero. I used to love watching the 90's show and was elated with the work done on Spectacular Spider-Man. Of course like many, I was pissed off about the cancelation of Spectacular just when it was getting really good. My only hope was that "Ultimate Spider-Man" would be just as good...

Boy was I wrong. This show is one of the worst things I have ever seen. The story telling is all but non-existent and the voice acting is sub-par compared to Spectacular. The "team" is not needed and offers nothing more than more "funny" sitiuations.

I have three MAIN problems with this show:

1. THE SHOW ISN'T FUNNY! The jokes are forced and wouldn't even make a five-year-old laugh.Spidey is constantly breaking the fourth wall. It is iritating, not funny, and something Deadpool would do (not Spidey).
2. This show obviously has nothing to do with the comic counterpart except for the name.
3. Six out of the eight released episodes have included villains that AREN'T EVEN MAIN SPIDER-MAN VILLAINS! The only real Spidey villain used is Venom. And we'll get into that later.

Now onto the main review which does comtain SPOILERS...

Ultimate Spider-Man
May 13, at 11:00am(ET/PT)
When the terrifying Venom returns, Spider-Man tries to stop the villain and save Harry Osborn. Spider-Man must decide if he can trust his new teammates with the shocking truth about Venom before asking for their help.

The last time we saw Venom he was nothing more than a symbiote jumping from host to host. I saw that as a good introduction to the character. They could establish Eddie Brock as a character at the end of an episode and then merge the two as the true Venom.

Much to my dislike, Venom's return does not involve Eddie Brock. Instead Harry Osborn takes the mantle. He is apparently in control of his powers and appears as a very popular black-suited Spider-Man that everyoe loves. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is sick (a running gag in the episode) and is trying to convince SHIELD and his team that this new black-suited hero is in fact the Venom symbiote. That's another thing, everyone thinks he's crazy instead of "Hey Spidey I think you have a point there. Let's go investigate."

So as you may have guessed Harry looses control of the symbiote and turns into Venom, whom Spidey has to take out by himself. He returns to HQ to find that he got the rest of the team sick..."HA HA"

I really think this show is really bad. If they don't produce a funny, Ultimate inspired story with a true Spidey villain soon, the show could be in danger of being cancelled.

Thanks for reading my first article/editorial!
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