Will JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Movie Be Kid-Friendly?

Will JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Movie Be Kid-Friendly?

A couple weeks ago, Jon M. Chu, the director behind cinematic masterpieces like Justin Bieber's Believe and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, announced that he would be helming a live-action Jem & The Holograms movie. Here's a new update from him.

Collider was lucky enough to snag an interview with Jem And The Holograms producer, Jason Blum. Jason explained that his company chose to put their money behind a live-action adaptation of Jem And The Holograms because it fit their business model. His company likes to fund independent films that a larger studio would be interested in distributing. As long as the film is considered a "brand" and you produce the film on a low-budget you can give it a wide-release and make money. That strategy has been quite successful in the past, but applied to the horror genre. We'll see how this pans out. Jason also discusses the rating that they are aiming for. There's also a new video featuring the film's director Jon M. Chu. It includes some of the zanier audition submissions they have received.
Collider: When will you go in front of the camera with it?

BLUM: We start shooting right away. Very soon.
In like three weeks.

Collider: Are you aiming for a PG or a PG-13 rating?

BLUM: It’s PG.

Cartoon Synopsis - After her father passes away, Jerrica Benton inherits half of his company, Starlight music. The other half has been given to the ruthless Eric Raymond. Raymond plans to exploit Starlight to promote a new band called "The Misfits." Jerrica doesn't believe that this was her father's plan, but she is powerless to do anything about it. That is until a remarkable computer companion named Cynergi enters her life. With a huge supply of instruments left by her father and using Cynergi's impressive powers, Jerrica, her sister Kimber, and their friends are transformed into a rock band named "The Holograms." Now, as the lead singer Jem, Jerrica sets out to make The Holograms dreams a reality, and at the same time keep a group of young girls, a boyfriend Rio, and the record company happy. What's a girl to do?
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