Young Justice Cancelled?

Young Justice Cancelled?

A cast member confirms that production of the show has stooped, and further evidence points to the fear that this season, may be its last.

Jason Marsden, the voice actor of Bart Allen/Impulse, has confirmed that production of the show has stooped. Participating an in interview with Talking Toons with Rob Paulsen , Jason Marsden was asked if he'll be returning for Young Justice season three. He responded with,

"They finished production right now. They do half seasons. Season 1.0 where they introduced my character. Then there's another half season and that's going to be it."

This is not the only sum of evidence to show that this season may be its last. Less then two months ago, the Young Justice Toyline Was Cancelled, and has now already been taken off shelves. Not to mention the episode that was set to air today, but didn't.

After season 2, Young Justice will have about 50 episodes, which is the life span of an average cartoon. Also, next year we will see 2 more shows added to the DC Nation lineup, New Teen Titans, and Beware the Batman. Seeing as DC Nation is only an hour block, either it will have to expand, or Young Justice will have to go. Keep in mind that Warner Brothers nor DC Comics have said nothing about Young Justice being cancelled, and the ratings have been extremely high this season. Let's just hope and pray that this season isn't the last for Young Justice.
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