YOUNG JUSTICE Producers On The Show's Return

YOUNG JUSTICE Producers On The Show's Return

Young Justice will resume tomorrow morning at 10am on Cartoon Network and show producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti are here to talk about what fans can expect from the show going forward.

Young Justice finally returns to airwaves tomorrow morning and below, producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti discuss some highlights of what's passed and what's to come.

On Blue Beetle's role moving forward.
Weisman: Absolutely. As the Light's Partner is finally revealed, we'll see that there is a direct connection to Jamie Reyes and the Scarab affixed to his back.

On upcoming villains making their debut.
Weisman: We could [tease here], but is that really our style? Oh, what the heck: Despero, Deathstroke, Mongul and the Terrible Toyman!

The coolest thing they can't wait for fans to see.
Vietti: There's a pretty dramatic shift coming up for our heroes in the remaining episodes this season. We're used to seeing the Team seek out danger. But from here on out, danger will seek out our Team. This new dynamic will test each young hero like never before and bring a heightened sense tension to the series that we haven't explored before. With every episode to come you'll tell yourself that things couldn't possibly get worse for our heroes. But things WILL get worse!

Which of the new characters introduced thus far this season is their favorite.
Vietti: I love working with Blue Beetle and not just because of the awesome storyline he has this season. With the ability to create from his armor almost any weapon imaginable, Jaime Reyes has the coolest super suit ever. But along with that armor comes the talking Scarab that only he can hear inside his head. Scarab is great wildcard element that can hot switch between comedy and danger in an instant and that's great stuff to work with when writing for Blue Beetle in the show.

Speaking of wildcard elements, another character I enjoy working with is the original Roy Harper who we got to see in action in the eighth episode of Season 2. You haven't seen the last of Roy and he's a character to keep an eye on.

There's a bit more at the source, so if you want to read the Q&A in full then click the link below.

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