YOUNG JUSTICE Showrunners On The Final Episodes

YOUNG JUSTICE Showrunners On The Final Episodes

Young Justice executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti discuss the show's final episodes. Plus a new clip featuring Static Shock and other Super Friends inspired meta-teens. Seven episodes left folks!

On the show's remaining episodes in Season 2.
Vietti: We had kind of broken the 20 episodes of this season into two parts. The first ten was still familiar to a lot of people in that we had our team operating out of a headquarters and investigating what appeared to be a secret invasion. There's some stability in that and some familiarity. I think our goal for the last ten was to really shake things up. We took their headquarters away from them. The secret invasion is no longer a secret, and in fact, public sentiment is turning away from the heroes in the last ten. Our heroes are more or less on the run. They're no longer the ones starting from a place of power. They searching for a way to get their power back in a lot of ways. So I think that "on the run" feel was a vibe that we wanted to get across. It was a new way to ratchet the tension up that we hadn't used before. With every episode of the last ten of our season, things just keep getting worse. We end each episode in a place where you think it can't possibly get worse, yet we find a way to make it worse! [Laughs] I think that gives you something pretty cool to look forward to.

Weisman: The characters are heroes. They're going to have their victories here and there, but they're also going to have their defeats. There are consequences to some of the things they've done -- some of the secrets they've kept and the lies they've told. The overall theme for our series from day one has been "Secrets and Lies." I think we've seen that play out already to a great extent in Season 2, and this is going to continue as we play things out through the last seven episodes.

Vietti: And like you had pointed out, we've got a return to our core members from the first season. We spent some time in the first ten episodes of the second season establishing new characters, but our core members are coming back into the spotlight in the last ten. Yet at the same time, I think we've found a way to keep in all the new characters we've introduced as well. Even The Light is starting to come back. I feel they were a bit absent or you didn't feel their presence as much in the first ten. But in the last ten, you've already started to see a little more time spent with them. You'll get a sense that they're going to have a larger role in episodes to come. It's a really long answer to your question, but we definitely did always plan on breaking the season up into two parts and giving each part a unique feel.

This Saturday's episode, Runaways is 14th episode of the 20 episode second season of Young Justice. It sounds as if the current story arc will be wrapped up nicely when the final episode airs. The series received 2 season which is pretty much the norm in animation nowadays (albeit the second season got 20 episodes instead of the normal 26). Will be interesting to see what Vietti and Weisman work on next. They, along with Sam Liu, Jay Oliva, Lauren Montgomery and few others generally work on one another's projects so I'm sure it's not the last we've seen of them. Seven more episodes left folks! There's much more at the source so click the link below to read the interview in full.

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