Akira... An American-Made Tale?

Akira... An American-Made Tale?

Asian-American actors get shafted out of their own movies.

There is a petition going around to get some support for the Manga adaption Akira to get Asian-American Actors assigned to the project. Its been rumored that Chris Pine of Star Trek XI fame (reboot) is in consideration of Kaneda.

Star Treks one & only George Takei sounded off his opinion on the matter via Twitter, Akira epic fail,” he said. “All actors up for Kaneda & Tetsuo are white?” He then asked his followers to “Sign & RT the [virtual] petition.” The petition further noted, “If not in a film called Akira, for characters named Kaneda and Tetsuo, when will Asian-Americans get to star in a Warner Bros film?”

I don't mind some changes but it looks like Hollywood is going off the reservation again with this. My point is if this is going to be Americanized then why not change the names.


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