BEN 10 Creators Confirm Live-Action Movie Plans; Script Is In The Works

BEN 10 Creators Confirm Live-Action Movie Plans; Script Is In The Works

A while back we heard that Joel Silver had signed on to produce an adaptation of the very popular cartoon for the big screen, now the show's creators give us a few updates..

We heard some time ago that Joel Silver - producer of, among many others, Sherlock Holmes, V For Vendetta, and the Matrix trilogy - had signed on to develop a live-action feature film based on Cartoon Network's Ben 10 sci-fi franchise, with an eye toward distribution through Warner Bros. All has been quite since, but MTV caught up with the show's crators and they offered a few updates..

Says Duncan Rouleau..

"We’ve met with Silver a couple of times but it’s very early in the development stages to really discuss it any further than that. Other than we are also equally as excited by the prospects."

Steven Seagle adds..

"It’s a live action film as far as we know. They’ve commissioned a script, which is exciting and we had a lot of cool conversations with Joel Silver the time we met with him about even which version it’ll be, what aliens kids like, and it’s super fun. But it’s super early, so not a lot has been firmly decided."

I have never watched the show myself, but my Niece and Nephew rave about it. Is there any appeal for adults or is this one kids only? Would a live action adaptation be something you guys would look forward to? Sound off below.

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