GHOST IN THE SHELL: ARISE Press Conference Coverage

GHOST IN THE SHELL: ARISE Press Conference Coverage

Recap of Bandai Visual's live stream press conference for Ghost in the Shell: ARISE and the free online fps game based on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. 'ARISE' is confirmed to be an origin story for The Major. Check out the first trailer.

A live, online press conference from Bandai Visual streamed in the wee hours of the morning from Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills in Japan. The presentation kicked off at 8pm in Japan (6am EST/3am PST) beginning with an announcement on the first-person-shooter online game set in the world of Stand Alone Complex. An hour later, the presentaion for ARISE which included our first look at the series in a sizzle reel. Check out the recap below.

+A Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex online game was announced for the PC platform and will be available to all fans around the world.

+It's a free to play model developed by Nexon and their subsidiary, Neople .

+The game was developed to celebrate the 10 years since first airing of Stand Alone Complex.

+The game will be a FPS where you play as the main characters in Ghost of the Shell and will include a hacking element.

+Scheduled for release in first half of 2014.

Here's a recap of what was revealed about Ghost in the Shell: ARISE.

+Production I.G. President Mitsuhisa Ishikawa "We want to demonstrate the power that 2D animation can bring even though the global market is leaning towards 3D".

+ARISE is set in 2027 A.D. making it a prequel to the original Ghost in the Shell. It's set for release in June 22,2013. The story will be told in four 50 minute OVAs.

+July 26, 2013 is the release date for blu-ray and dvd.

+ A brief trailer was shown which featured what looked to be Motoko receiving her cybernetic body and a younger version of the Section 9 Chief Daisuke Aramaki. Visual were on par with Production I.G. [Note: The trailer is now online. You can view below.]

+ Other members of Section 9 will also appear including Batou, Ishikawa and Togusa.

+The story will look to tell how Motoko became 'The Major' we know in Ghost in the Shell.

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