GOLGO 13 Comes One Step Closer to Seeing the Big Screen

<b><i>GOLGO 13</b></i> Comes One Step Closer to Seeing the Big Screen

The longest running manga in Japan sells film rights to Davis Films

Samuel Hadida of Davis Film has purchased the film rights to GOLGO 13, the longest running manga in Japan. For those unfamiliar with the series, it follows the life of the notorious Japanese assassin Golgo 13, also known as "Duke Togo". Famed illustrator and writer Takao Saito created the series over forty years ago, and it has become Japan's most iconic comic book character.

The series has two previous life-action adaptations, but Hadida who is perhaps best known for his film adaptations of such famous Japanese properties as Silent Hill, Crying Freeman, and Resident Evil, hopes to make this newest effort an international success .
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