Guyver Reboot needs your help!

Guyver Reboot needs your help!

One year and seven months ago I pitched a Guyver movie reboot idea to a hollywood movie producer. Now I need your(the fans) help!

With the success of Iron man, the Matrix etc, I've been asking myself where the hell is the Guyver reboot? Seeing as Hollywood hasn't shown any intrest in the property I decided to take matters into my own hands and pitched the project to a well known movie producer(by the name Bob Kosberg). Bob liked the project, he liked it so much that he contacted me 2 hours after I sent him my pitch(through email of course).

I've been feeding Bob constant numbers and articles that shows proof why the Guyver should be remade(using youtube, comicbook movie, articles on the internet etc)over the year and seven months spand. Now i need your help! Using my fansite I want all of you to tell Bob Kosberg why the Guyver should be rebooted and why the property will be successful. I honestly think that the more proof I have that the property is rich with potential; the faster this property will get made.

I will be showing Bob Kosberg your comments. I'm not saying that Bob is holding the project up, he's a very respected producer in hollywood, so please leave comments with mature reasoning! Let your voices be heard.

P.S. Im not promoting myself. I just want Hollywood to give us the fans what we want!

My movie idea title: Guyver Zero

Movie pitch: Guyver Dark Hero meets Iron man

A martial artist who tarnished his martial arts career becomes chosen (and trained) by a dying alien to take a(Guyver unit) bio mechanical device and use it to defeat the creators of the device who's hell bent on using the device to enslave all species outside its own alien race.
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