Producer Gale Anne Hurd On GAIKING

Producer Gale Anne Hurd On GAIKING

The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd discusses plans for the live-action adaptation of Gaiking. Is there a race to beat some of the other giant robot films in development and how involved will Toe And Al Nippon be in development?

Gaiking is currently set for a live-action adaptation from a joint venture between Producer Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Entertainment, Toei and Al Nippon Entertainment. Here's what Hurd had to say about the project.

On the current status of the project, that was first announced back in December.
Gale Anne Hurd: "We just closed the deal (with Toei and Al Nippon Entertainment) and we are out to writers as we speak."

On whether there's definitive plans in place at this point and whether there's a timeframe for prodcution.
GAH: Its early on, I’d hate to do that before the writers have an opportunity to look at the material and sit down with me. I don’t think we want it to look like something you’ve already seen on screen before. As you know, if you know Gaiking, it’s really the character driven part of it that’s so compelling to all of us. It’s more important to get the right writer and the right take than it is to do something in a particular timeframe.

With Pacific Rim coming out soon and Robotech, Gigantor and Voltron also in production, is there a rush to beat the competition.
GAH: No, I’ve been first and second. I did Armageddon, there was also Deep Impact and we ended up being the most successful movie at the box office that year in the world even though we were second. I also did Dante’s Peak. There were three underwater films released when we made The Abyss. I think the most important thing is to make the best film you can.

There's more from Gale at Collider, specially a ton of questions about her hit show on AMC, The Walking Dead. Be sure to click the source link below if you're interested in reading the full interview. Sounds like we should be hearing news on writers fairly soon and that Gaiking is a little more active than Gigantor, Voltron ad Robotech. Out of the four, which are you looking forward to the most.

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