Unused Storyboards For WB's Live Action AKIRA Movie

Unused Storyboards For WB's Live Action AKIRA Movie

You can get a rough idea of what the live action Akira movie might have looked like with these storyboards from back when the project was a go under director Ruairi Robinson..

Concept artist Sylvain Despretz created the following storyboards for Warner Bros. live action Akira movie, back when it was in the hands of the first director to be attached, Ruairi Robinson. They don't represent a complete vision of how the movie would have turned out of course, but fans of the Manga and Anime will recognize the scenes from early on in the story. Plus, we get an idea of what the Americanized version would have looked like, a blond Kaneda etc..

Click on the images for a larger view

The current incarnation of Akira is currently on the shelf at WB, with many hoping it will just give up and die. It should certainly be a while before we hear anything from it anyway.

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