Dragonball Movie Set Pics Reveal Spoilers!!

Love it or hate it, the Dragonball movie has finished production and we've got some set pictures and juicy spoilers.

The Dragonball franchise ranks among the most popular franchises worldwide, having spawned one manga, three anime, 17 animated movies, 25 video games and loads of merchandise. So, it’s no wonder that fans are anxious to see how producer Steven Chow will handle the live action film adaptation. Production has recently finished and already there are rumours of a boycott. We here at CBM have uncovered several new pictures and we have made our predictions as to what we can expect next spring. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

First off, the new set pictures reveal the temple of the dragon, a high school and most importantly, a fighting ring! The ring appears to be in budokai fashion so we can assume the Tenkaichi Budokai will play a part in the movie. In the original Dragonball series, there are three tournaments taking place with Goku participating in the finals against Master Roshi, Tien, and then Piccolo’s son. The picture shows two minor characters fighting, but there is a good chance that the climax of the film may involve Goku and Piccolo fighting in the tournament.

(5/31/2008 - Images have been removed at the request of FOX. Check the source link below.)

Some new characters are shown in these set photos including Mr. Popo at the temple. We know that these two minor characters sitting in class are Emi (a friend of Chi Chi) and Agundas (a football player at the school). Dragonball fans may be a little unnerved by the second picture because if you didn’t know any better, you would think it could be a scene from High School Musical.

(5/31/2008 - Images have been removed at the request of FOX. Check the source link below.)

The Dragonball movie blog also revealed several other minor spoilers:
1.Instead of Krillin, Goku’s best friend in the movie is named Teto
2.Some fans were upset by the original promotional pictures with Justin Chatwin’s look, but Goku's stunt double was seen wearing his classic fighting outfit
3.We know Chi Chi and Mai will fight in the tournament and Chi Chi wins

The film is slated for an April 2009 release date and they are currently in the post-production phase. 20th Century Fox will send loads of promotional pictures and teasers in the coming months to try to alleviate concerns, and sure enough, we'll have all the details.
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