PIC: Goku in Super Saiyan Ape Form?

PIC: Goku in Super Saiyan Ape Form?

A major spoiler about the Dragonball movie was sent in by CBM scoopers this morning. A pic supposedly shows Goku transformed in his ape-like stage of power.

The image, originally posted on DBtheMovie.com, is a departure from the manga and TV series as it makes him look more alien than ape.

For the uninitiated, the Dragonball series of manga and TV cartoons follows a boy, Goku, from his youth to manhood as he learns martial arts mastery--and saves the world from extra-terrestrial baddies. Several "stages" of growth transform Goku from power to power, and in one form of "Super Saiyan" he turns into a giant monkey.

Yeah, I know. The Japanese have a fun, yet strange pop-culture. Anyone who is into Anime understands this. One wonders how this live action Dragonball movie will go over in the main stream.

Our thanks go to Adrian, who alerted us to the pic.

Since Fox contacted us and made us take the pic down, here is a little something from YouTube. This is how the ape-saiyan is SUPPOSED to look like:
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