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So there was a rumor going around that Akira Toriyama (DragonBall, Dr. Slump) is in talks with Shueisha in making more DragonBall manga. Here we are Shueisha's releasing a new magazine titled Saikyo Jump, which is being aimed towards young children, and they announced a another manga that will be part of the magazine.

Dragon Ball SD
Dragon Ball SD is a spinoff manga of Dragon Ball that is written by Ooishi Naho, the author of Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! special chapter. It is published in the new magazine Saikyo Jump, which will contain spinoff stories from various other manga series including Naruto and One Piece.
The story is a retelling of Goku and Krillin's training with Master Roshi. Like the title of the manga suggest, the design are in SD (Super Deformed).


Due to it being a comical retelling which "remixes" the plot in the sense of Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, many facts from the manga and overall plot have been twisted making it intentionally incompatible with the manga canon. These details include the fact that Grandpa Gohan left a letter for Goku to go to Roshi, which Goku did within a few panels with the Nimbus yet Krillin was there before him and Goku didn't recognise Roshi making the prior owner of the cloud likely to be another person.

Other Differences
1.Goku meets Turtle first on the island, not saving himself which earned the Nimbus.
2.Roshi doesn't know what Goku wanted when he arrived.
3.After a few gags, they skip to the Island of Training. No mention of capsules, 4.Launch or Dragon Balls as Chapter 1.
5.Instead of the training methods in the manga and a rock search, it is simply a one month survival in the jungle.
6.Kamehameha debuts in the plot with Roshi destroying an erupting volcano.
7.Krillin isn't hostile to Goku, being friendly from nearly the start and enjoyed Goku's wild life style.
8.Krillin is captured by a pterodactyl and Goku uses the Kamehameha for it's first time to save Krillin.
9.Seemingly Nimbus doesn't come from the sky any more based on the first page and the page where Goku doesn't call for it. You can read the first chapter at


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