New DragonBall Z Movie Release Details and More!

New DragonBall Z Movie Release Details and More!

New details have released concerning the upcoming new official DragonBall movie! Hit the jump to check out some pictures and details!

The upcoming new DragonBall movie will in fact be a brand new animated film following up the 13 DragonBall Z movies. It will occur sometime during or after the Buu era and will feature brand new animation. It is set to release March 30th 2013. The name for the movie for now is as follows...

is 最強、始動。(“The mightiest get moving.”), 全人類待望。かつてない興奮へー。 (“All humanity has been waiting. Toward an unprecedented excitement.

Here is a rough translation from Akira Toriyama himself (sorry for it being this rough, when a legit translation is made availble, we will update it).

I was allowed to matter deeply from the stage of the animation for the first time rather than a screenplay, uncommon.
I have forgotten that there were many long time because it was after all, was able to authorship, remember that only the tempo quickly indeed.
This movie, while retaining the original atmosphere, then I think a modern flavor just a little bit, and become old as a fun romp!

It is also interesting to note that the domain redirects to as a place holder until new information is revealed, so stay tuned!
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