DEADPOOL 2 Star Rob Delaney Reportedly Lands A Secret Role In DETECTIVE PIKACHU

DEADPOOL 2 Star Rob Delaney Reportedly Lands A Secret Role In DETECTIVE PIKACHU

DEADPOOL 2 Star Rob Delaney Reportedly Lands A Secret Role In DETECTIVE PIKACHU

Rob Delaney earned a devoted fan following after playing "Peter" in Deadpool 2 and it's now been revealed that Ryan Reynolds is bringing the actor to Detective Pikachu. Hit the jump for further details!

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu received an overwhelmingly positive response and the signs are all pointing to the first live-action Pokemon movie being a huge hit with fans of the series.

While fans were initially surprised to hear that Ryan Reynolds would be taking on the role of the titular Pikachu, that sneak peek proved that he's a good fit for the role and it turns out the Deadpool 2 star is bringing a friend with him. According to a new report, Rob Delaney has landed a secretive part in the movie but it's not clear if that will be a live-action role or if he's voicing a Pokemon.

The actor gained quite the fan following after starring as X-Force member "Peter W." and given his comedic background, we can probably expect to see him doing something pretty funny here.

It's not clear why his role is being kept under wraps but something tells me that Delaney might be playing someone pretty significant if lengths are being made to hide specifics. Could we see Team Rocket or might he just be voicing an unexpected Pokemon? We'll keep you guys updated.

For a recap of the first Detective Pikachu trailer,
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"Welcome To Ryme City"

Ryme City is the setting of the Detective Pikachu video game and is home to the annual Pokemon Carnival, something we actually catch a glimpse of in this teaser trailer. 

It's never been revealed how close it is to the regions seen in the other games but we know it's in the same world and the city is also home to the Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory, a facility located on a mountain pass (a setting that is seemingly glimpsed later on in the trailer). 

That's Bill Nighy's voice we hear at the start and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's something villainous about his character as it would certainly make sense for there to be something shady about what seems like an otherwise normal city.


Charmander And Dodrio

Two fan-favourite Pokemon glimpsed at the start of this trailer are Charmander and Dodrio.

The former is one of the starter Pokemon from the very first game and that creature has the ability to breathe flames. Dodrio, meanwhile, is obviously a three-headed bird from the "Flying" and "Normal" categories. 

We'll no doubt get a lot of cames along these lines, so don't be surprised if Pokemon like these don't necessarily end up playing a significant role in proceedings. 


Lucy And Psyduck

Kathryn Newton plays a junior reporter called Lucy who finally lands a big story to follow and that's something which is clearly going to lead to her crossing paths with Tim (Justice Smith). 

As we've previously heard, her sidekick will be a Psyduck, a Pokemon that fans will be well aware is far more powerful than it looks on the surface. Boasting psychic powers, he could very well communicate with Lucy but probably not in the same way that Pikachu does with Tim.

Either way, putting the spotlight on a Psyduck is an unexpected choice and one which could surprise fans in a lot of ways. 


Ryan Reynolds As Detective Pikachu (Actually Works)

I think it's fair to say that most of us were more than a little sceptical when it was revealed that Ryan Reynolds would be voicing Pikachu. For starters, the Pokemon isn't supposed to talk and no one wants Deadpool Pikachu, right? 

Well, not only does the fact that Tim is the only one who can understand Detective Pikachu work but so does Reynolds' voice; while his trademark humour is there, he's clearly not just playing a tinier, yellower version of the Merc with the Mouth! While the VFX used to bring this Pokemon to life is incredible, I think it could be Reynolds who really makes us fall in love with him.


How Does Tim Understand Pikachu?

While it appears as if it's only Detective Pikachu that Tim is able to understand, there has to be a story reason for why he can hear him talking, right? While it's possible that the movie will just have everyone doubt his sanity and not make it that big of a plot point, I definitely think there could be some sort of twist here that connects the movie's lead to this Pikachu in an unexpected fashion. 

Missing Pokemon

This may mean a lot or nothing at all but it's definitely telling that this trailer makes a point of showing that some Pokemon have gone missing. My gut tells me that this could be related to the Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory I mentioned at the start of this post and with Tim looking for his father, Pikachu searching for a friend or relative would help bring their stories together. 

Anyway, that's a Squirtle we see on the poster, 
another classic Pokemon gamers were able to choose as their starter in the original game (personally, I always went for Charmander...). 


One of the best visuals in this trailer comes when we see a flock (herd?) of Bulbasaurs in a visual which feels like it was lifted straight from the original animated series. 

It's hard to say what relevance to the 
plot, if any, this actually has but cameos like this are bound to make fans happy even if we don't ultimately get to see the third and final starter Pokemon in action throughout this fun looking adventure. 

Over the years, quite a few different fan-artists have attempted to create photorealistic Pokemon but I don't think any of us imagined a movie like this doing such a great job of making them look like they could live in our world.


Jigglypuff...With Attitude

I'm not familiar with many of the more recent Pokemon beyond the first few generations and while they do occasionally pop up throughout this trailer, it seems as if Legendary Pictures wanted to really appeal to older fans by including plenty of the originals.

This Jigglypuff is a definite highlight as it seems to have a real attitude and I'm loving that hair!

Seeing as Pikachu is a "detective" in this film, it would make sense for other Pokemon to have their own personality traits as that will make them feel more than just generic creatures (one of the best things about the animated series was the way it brought them to life and gave them such distinct personas). 


Arena Battles

When it was revealed that the first live-action Pokemon movie would be Detective Pikachu, many fans were disappointed that Legendary Pictures wouldn't be putting the spotlight on the battles from the video games which made the franchise so popular. 

Well, it seems as if we'll be getting at least a taste of them here as Tim and Pikachu will be paying a visit to what appear to be underground arena battles similar to illegal MMA cage fights. 

It's a clever way to include the fights we love in this movie and more than likely a taste of what may be to come in the future, especially if future instalments of the franchise revolve around characters like Ash and Misty. Charizard can be seen in the arena but his opponent isn't shown. 


Mr. Mime

I'm not sure why Tim and Detective Pikachu are questioning Mr. Mime but the Pokemon has been adapted 100% faithfully from the games. He even manages to create a barrier which Pikachu (who surprisingly never shows his electricity-based powers) soon discovers when he attempts to leap into action against him.

Legendary Pictures deserves a lot of credit for bringing these Pokemon to life in such an authentic manner as it must have been tempting to change them during their transition to the big screen.


Epic Action...

The special effects in this trailer are nothing short of flawless but getting to see all those Pokemon in action seemingly means that action has been put on the back burner for now.

However, we do get at least a taste of that and the visuals here are absolutely fantastic.

While it does appear as if this will be a relatively small adventure in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem as if it will shy away from delivering some solid action and that's exactly what fans of this beloved franchise are going to be hoping for next summer.


...And Plenty Of Humour

This was inevitable from the second that Ryan Reynolds was cast but it's clear that Detective Pikachu won't be short on laughs. While the franchise has never necessarily been comedic, it also hasn't shied away from humour and so this tone feels like the right fit for the movie.

I'm sure some fans would have liked an ultra-serious take on the property but a dark and brooding adventure set in this world would have pretty much ensured that it would be a horrible flop. 



For me, perhaps the coolest moment in this trailer comes when we get to see Charizard flying through the air, breathing fire. One of my all-time favourite Pokemon, it's incredible seeing him brought to life on the big screen and I hope we get to see plenty of him in action throughout this film.

What do you guys think of the Detective Pikachu trailer? As always, share your thoughts below.
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