ANT-MAN: Alternate Costume Designs May Finally Reveal Hank Pym's Villainous Black Ant

ANT-MAN: Alternate Costume Designs May Finally Reveal Hank Pym's Villainous Black Ant

ANT-MAN: Alternate Costume Designs May Finally Reveal Hank Pym's Villainous Black Ant

It's widely thought Edgar Wright's version of Ant-Man would have featured Hank Pym making a villainous turn and suiting up as the Black Ant and some concept art may reveal what he would have looked like...

Ant-Man and The Wasp is just weeks away from hitting theaters and while it's clear that the movie will be much smaller in scale than Avengers: Infinity War (pun not intended), there's still an understandably large amount of excitement surrounding the sequel (that one was intended). Now, we're going back to where it all began in 2015 by checking out some cool concept art from Peyton Reed's Ant-Man

As you may recall, Edgar Wright was ousted as director shortly before shooting began and a LEGO set and various other reports pointed to him wanting a villainous version of Hank Pym to be revealed as Ant-Man's lead villain and he would have been referred to as Black Ant (and not Yellowjacket). 

In this newly surfaced batch of concept art from the movie, we see not only different designs for the suit worn by Scott Lang but also a variety of costumes which definitely look like they were designs for Black Ant. So, to check them out, all you need to do is click on the "View List" button down below.

A very hi-tech take on Ant-Man, it would have been very interesting seeing this suit in live-action but it would have arguably felt a little too far removed from what makes the character so relatable.



These alternate designs are all very cool and there are definitely some elements in here which inspired what ended up on the big screen. Some of those different helmets actually work really well too. 

A glow in the dark Ant-Man? It would have been very cool seeing Scott Lang make use of this extra ability but aside from looking cool, I'm not sure whether there would have been a point to this!





There's a lot more black in this suit than red and it actually works surprisingly well. For whatever reason, though, this was a design which Marvel obviously decided to move away from early on.



Is this the Black Ant? I think it might be! He looks a lot like a villain and I find it pretty hard to imagine that Marvel ever considered using this design for Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

It is, of course, possible that this was a stealth suit of some sort but assuming Hank Pym was going to break bad and suit up in a villainous Ant-Man costume, something like this would have worked well.

This is unlike anything else on this list and it would have no doubt generated a lot of discussion no matter which character ended up donning it. It looks like something a bad guy would wear anyway! 







These alternate helmet designs make good use of referencing ants and the comic books but none of them work quite as well as what ended up on the big screen. Still, it's easy to imagine another Ant-Man - Eric O'Grady, perhaps? - utilising a suit like this because they would suit him more than Scott Lang. 

What do you think about these alternate Ant-Man designs? Share your thoughts below...

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