ANT-MAN Concept Art Shows A Resurrected, Robotic Arnim Zola And A Different Death For Yellowjacket

ANT-MAN Concept Art Shows A Resurrected, Robotic Arnim Zola And A Different Death For Yellowjacket

Some newly revealed Ant-Man concept art reveals Arnim Zola's return to the MCU, an equally gory end for Yellowjacket, Scott Lang in various size-changing scenarios, and alternate costume designs...

Ant-Man was once set to be helmed by Edgar Wright and under that filmmaker's watchful eye, you have to believe that the movie about the pint-sized superhero would have been a very different beast. The version we got was still a critical and commercial hit, of course, and we now have some concept art showing what might have been.

It's not clear who was in charge when these pieces were commissioned but we get to see the return of Arnim Zola, what appears to be an alternate death scene for the villainous Yellowjacket, and some seriously cool alternate takes on the costumes worn by characters like the Janet Van Dyne version of The Wasp and Scott Lang himself.

Throw in some jaw-dropping keyframe artwork and this is a must-see for any Ant-Man fan! 

There's a lot of great stuff here, most of which has never been seen on the site before now, so to check out this gallery in its entirety, simply click on the "View List" button down below.

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