Ant-Man, Inconsistency or Mystery?

Ant-Man, Inconsistency or Mystery?

Wonder why Scott Lang can be light enough to ride an Ant but heavy enough to knock out a full sized man? Hit the jump to see my thoughts on the unexplained aspects of Ant-Man's powers.


If you are at all like me you must be wondering about good old Ant-man. Through his movie (and comic incarnations) there has been much confusion as to the nature of his powers. For example, how is it that Ant-man supposedly has the same density when he is small as when he is large, yet he can ride on top of Clint's Arrow? Or climb up Loius' shoulder without his friend feeling Scott Lang's full weight?

I believe we are expected to just suspend our disbelief at this trait, but I suggest a slight alteration that would actually make a ton of sense based on what we see in the movie.

Hank Pym should not have been able to carry a full sized tank on his keychain if it maintained it's density, the Thomas train in the climax of the film should have floated away if only the surface area changed, Ant-man himself should be scientifically unable to exist because that much mass packed into that small of a frame would basically create a black hole, and finally why was he equivalently strong as a man that was fifty feet tall as Giant Man in Civil War, instead of just as strong as when he was normal sized.

None of this makes sense unless we consider that his power was not just size shifting, but density alteration as well. I propose they bring in this explanation as a caveat to Pym Particles. Basically I would say that the particles alter density as well as size but that aspect of the particles has never been very well understood. This is why we get inconsistent feats, because the Pym particles react differently almost each time Ant-man shrinks.

I am not a writer for Marvel (obviously) so I don't know how they would activate the density shifting part as opposed to just size alteration. One of my thoughts is maybe Pym Particles are somewhat sentient, since we see the microscopic world as almost it's own dimension. It is not very far fetched to think that Hank Pym actually stumbled on the creatures that inhabited the Microscopic dimension, and just doesn't understand that his Pym Particles are actually the creatures from the Micro-sphere.

If they went with the sentient Pym particles, it would make sense why Ant-man can seemingly alter his density at will (riding an ant and jumping off of it to punch someone with the full weight of his normal sized body) because the Pym particles are actually reacting to his thoughts/will.

This fits in with science because scientists have already observed that microscopic particles behave differently when they are being observed then they do when they are not being observed, hence the Pym particles reacting differently to the attetion of organic people then with inorganic objects.

This would also explain why the Tank and the Train are not consistently weighted, it was about the intent of the person using the particles, like Hank wanted the Tank to be on his keychain so when he shrunk it the tank lost density as well as size, because the sentient particles reacted to his whim.

Alternatively the writers could explain that the particles themselves are inconsistent and kinda choose on their own, which would be odd but acceptable.

Either way, they need to do something to his powers so they make sense. Making the particles sentient would be a cool/interesting way for Scott to be able to utilize his powers outside of the suit. As in if the particles were sentient they could kind of just choose to let Scott use them, or maybe he could shrink down small enough to communicate and befriend them?

Hit the comments and let me know what you guys think.

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