ANT-MAN Product Spotlight - 'Ant-Man' Movie Plush Figure

ANT-MAN Product Spotlight - 'Ant-Man' Movie Plush Figure

ANT-MAN Product Spotlight - 'Ant-Man' Movie Plush Figure

Marvel's latest sure-to-be blockbuster is almost with us, and to celebrate we're officially making July Ant-Man month. This week we're taking a look at a particularly cute and cuddly incarnation of the diminutive superhero: the 10 inch tall movie plush Scott Lang! Click on for more...

We had so much fun with our Top 10 gift ideas at Christmas that we've decided to make it a weekly feature here at! Ant-Man is out next week (review HERE) so for the rest of July, the CBM editorial team will be highlighting one item WE want from's awesome Ant-Man product line.

Images of Ant-Man Movie Plush Figure Ant-Man Movie Plush Figure

The 10 inch tall Ant-Man Movie Plush Figure is made from polyester fiber and will finally provide you an outlet in which to hug Paul Rudd and not get a restraining order! The cops only take that 'he has fantastic cologne' line so many times. Based off the last Phase 2 Marvel movie, the Ant-Man Movie Plush Figure is a great collectible...or getting into an all out news-team murdercloud brawl. Watch out, there's Stonewall Jackson's Ghost!



Those Funk Pop Vinyls are great and all, but can you snuggle up to them at night? It definitely wouldn't be a very comfortable experience anyway, but this 10 inch plush version of the Ant-Man character's got you covered. In the movie Scott Lang shrinks down much smaller than this, and isn't... a soft toy, but you can still recreate scenes from the film by dressing your dog up as a rat! Even if you've outgrown this sort of thing it'd make a great gift for a child or a geeky girlfriend/wife. Be sure to check out some more great Ant-Man related items from SuperHeroStuff at the link below.
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