Ant-Man Script Could Feature Multiple "Ant-MEN"

Ant-Man Script Could Feature Multiple "Ant-MEN"

<i>Ant-Man</i> Script Could Feature Multiple "Ant-MEN"

Nothing to solid, but Attack The Block director and co-writer of the Ant-Man script certainly hints that at least one draft had more than one incarnation of the character..

While speaking to The Playlist about turning down an offer to direct Die Hard 5 (now titled A Good Day To Die Hard) the writer/director confirms that he and Ant-Man director Edgar Wright have turned in their final draft for that movie to Marvel and that he is very proud of it. But it seems that nothing is set in stone. Cornish says it's in Marvel's hands now. But intriguingly he also responds to a prompt from The Playlist that the script could possibly feature not only Hank Pym, but some other "Ant-Men"..

From The Playlist

As for whether or not the movie itself is moving forward remains up in the air. “I don’t know, man. I’d love for it to happen but it’s really up to Edgar and Marvel,” Cornish said. We had heard that at one point Cornish and Wright were going to put several of the Ant-Men (meaning people that had put on superhero scientist Hank Pym’s suit) into the script, meaning that they could have thrown in our personal favorite Ant-Man – Eric O’Grady, low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent turned shadily “Irredeemable” Ant Man.

Cornish smiled at our implication and said, slyly, “No comment.” He then started to say something, “Well, you know…” before shutting himself off with another “No comment.”

Take from that what you will, I know I have! So if and when the movie does go into production and does end up with more than one Ant-Man, how would you guys feel about it?


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