Could Nathan Fillion be involved with THE AVENGERS after all?

Could Nathan Fillion be involved with THE AVENGERS after all?

While watching the new Avengers/Castle teaser spot, I noticed a very interesting similarity between it and a previous Marvel promo video...

After watching the Avengers/Castle cross-over spot featuring Nathan Fillion and Robert Downey Jr. that aired after last night's episode of Castle, I noticed something interesting about the background.

It's the exact same background used in another Marvel promo video featuring Clark Gregg promoting the Avengers red-carpet premiere live stream.

See? The backgrounds are THE SAME. "What does this mean, Saint?" I'm very glad you asked (even though I know you didn't). I think that maybe these promos were shot at the same time and/or location.

"Well? What does THAT mean, Saint?" Uuuhhhh, well, I think it means that if Nathan Fillion was there while other Avengers cast members were filming videos, then Fillion could very well be more involved with the film than we think.

"But Saint! Nathan Fillion once said he doesn't have time to play Ant Man in The Avengers!" I assume your making reference to this short interview with Fillion:

So, Fillion had no time to play a predominant role in the film because Castle had him so busy. But yet, he found time to do the promo seen above, and he also had time to crash the "Joss Whedon Experience" Comic-Con panel last year:

So, just because Castle had him so busy during the filming of The Avengers, he might not be so busy to do Edgar Wright's Ant Man film when it finally gets going. Or when The Avengers 2 heads under way...

So, could Fillion cameo in the film? Could he probably play a small secret role? Could he possibly be in the newly filmed scene? Could he be our.... Ant Man?

We'll all find out May 4th at midnight! See you there...
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