Could Simon Pegg Be Ant-Man?

Could Simon Pegg Be Ant-Man?

Could England's funny man be in talks to play the part of Ant-Man in Edgar Wright's upcoming adaptation of the Comic Book hero? Check the jump for details.

Just a bit ago, Simon Pegg tweeted that he was "Hatching plans with @edgarwright..." and posted this photo.

We all know that Simon Pegg has been busy in the movie universe starring in franchises like Mission Impossible and Star Trek, so could he be working with Wright to join Marvel's shared unive...Ok, I can't do this anymore. Some of the scoops I have read lately are totally not important. I understand that this has lots of great and good news for fans, but it also has a lot of just...filler. I mean, is it really that big of news if some movie star walks into a comic shop and buys a couple Avengers oriented material? I understand that it COULD mean so and so is being looked at to play some character, but it also COULD just be someone famous looking to catch up with some of the story lines before the movie comes out next know, like a normal person.

I also feel that knowing how many chicken breasts Hugh Jackman really isn't that important in the big scheme of things. Yea, he's getting buff. Yea, his diet is mostly protein. I still don't care that much, just let me know when you get the scoop on the release date for The Wolverine, and let me go back to surfing for real news. I guess what I'm getting at here is, before you post a scoop or interview or anything...wonder to yourself, "I wonder if anyone will actually care."

With that being said, I will continue to sit back and read every bit of news posted on here...and wait for Pollmaster to make a "Know Your Comic Book Heroes" spotlight on Nova.
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