Dead2009's Review: Ant-Man

Dead2009's Review: Ant-Man

The 2nd entry in my superhero summer review series is here with Ant-Man!


It's time for another superhero review and this time I'll be covering Ant-Man, in which I'm going to say right now that I didnt care for this going into it and was hoping it would change my mind on the film, but sadly, it did not. Believe it or not, Disney's MARVEL is capable of putting out boring ass movies from time to time and this was definitely one of them, ha. 

The story of Ant-Man is about a thief named Scott Lang who has to help Hank Pym by defeating an evil, evil man known as Darren Cross by stealing his suit called the Yellowjacket. Also in the past, Pym hid his shrinking technology because SHIELD wants to replicate it. I thought they were the good guys? Is that only in Iron Man and the Avengers? I'm confused. I do admit that the suits for both Ant-Man AND Yellowjacket look pretty amazing, although Ant-Man's suit looks like they recycled the suit from the Rocketeer and just updated it to make it look more modern. Some may call that cheap, I call that cost effective.

The story, to me, was pretty bland. Why should I care about whether or not someone else cant pay child support? Why is Hank Pym forcing this guy to put on a suit against his will? I've never read the comics so I'm sure someone can explain it to me in the comment section below, I just didnt understand it. Why is Ant-Man stealing something from the Avengers while Cross is trying to sell something to Hydra? I did like the whole teaching ants how to fight on command thing, that was pretty badass.

Overall, as I had stated previously, I feel like this one was one of the weaker showings from MARVEL. Perhaps the sequel will be a lot more fun but to me, this one dragged on FOREVER. I guess you would have to appreciate the character to appreciate the movie but I just didnt like it. Maybe if I go back and re-watch it'll grow on me. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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