Edgar Wright Explains How ANT-MAN Differs From Other Shrinking Movies And More

Edgar Wright Explains How ANT-MAN Differs From Other Shrinking Movies And More

Besides being a Marvel Studios production, Edgar Wright explains what sets his Ant-Man adaptation apart from other flicks with size-altering protagonists + possible comics that influenced the movie.

With Ant-Man currently in pre-production and filming expected to kickoff in May next year, director Edgar Wright has admitted to being superstitious talking about the film, which will start Phase Three of the Marvel cinematic universe. While he's “never really sure what he's allowed to say anyway,” Edgar Wright talked with CultBox last week and hinted at Marvel comics that may have influenced the script he co-wrote with Joe Cornish. “I had two issues as a kid, one of them was a reprint of ‘Tales to Astonish 27’ featuring ‘The Man in the Ant-Hill’” said Wright. “So I had a copy of that, and then later I had ‘Marvel Premiere 47’ which was the first appearance of Scott Lang. So it was funny that I had both those issues, and I particularly thought ‘The Man in the Ant-Hill’ was something extremely odd and cool and it almost had a horror movie feel to it.”

“...What’s kind of good about the Marvel Comics is that usually the characters are a lot more grounded,” the filmmaker added. “They have real world problems and that’s become part of the screenplay. You always end up anchoring it in someway that appeals to you, even in the craziest sort of comic book sci-fi aspects of it. You’ve got to keep it grounded in the characters and the relationships that mean something outside of the Marvel Universe.”

More recently, Edgar Wright sat down with Mirror Online and elaborated more about being refrained from revealing too much about Ant-Man too soon. “There's such a thirst for information, which is really nice that people are excited about it and want to know more. But... even a trailer wouldn't be out until [maybe] February 2015, and that's such a long way. So, you [want to] keep some surprises until then.” When asked how Ant-Man compares to other size-shifting films like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Wright let out a big laugh (it's the first time he's been asked that) before explaining, “The difference between [Ant-Man] and other shrinking movies is all other shrinking movies are usually about somebody trapped small - whether it's The Incredible Shrinking Man, Innerspace or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. This is different in that he can actually change size and he can do that at will, so it becomes more of a power than an impediment.”

When asked if Ant-Man will have the sense of fun and personal feel that his films all have, but ties into the Marvel scale: “I think the Marvel films that really work are about characters,” he said. “The first Iron Man is almost like a character study of Tony Stark. It's as much a film about him than it is a big action epic. The ones that're really successful are really good on character, about grounding the heroes as well.... [I'm] very happy with where [Ant-Man] is right now.”

Directed by Edgar Wright from his own screenplay, co-written by Joe Cornish, Marvel’s Ant-Man is scheduled to film at Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia, and hits theaters on July 31, 2015!
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