Edgar Wright & Michael Cera Lightly Speak On Ant-Man's Absence From The Avengers

Edgar Wright & Michael Cera Lightly Speak On Ant-Man's Absence From <i>The Avengers</i>

The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's director talks again about Ant-Man, the Marvel movie he'll direct probably after this year. He talks about Avengers and his script! Check it out!

The director and star of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, which hits theaters today, Edgar Wright & Michael Cera speaks lightly with Capone of AICN on the potential Marvel film currently on it's 2nd draft, Ant-Man. They mainly discuss the astonishing Avenger's absence from Marvel's forthcoming Avengers film.

Capone: There was a part of me that thought that you might have secretly cast your Ant-Man already and that would have been part of the AVENGERS lineup, because I can’t imagine an AVENGERS without Henry Pym. He’s always been there.

Cera: Ant-Man? He’s part of THE AVENGERS?

Edgar Wright: Yeah.

Cera: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Capone: He was always…

Edgar Wright: He was in the original… Well the original issue of THE AVENGERS is like sort of, by Stan Lee’s own admission, was just like “How can we get all of the heroes into one comic?” They team up to capture the Hulk in the very first issue.

Cera: Wow.

Edgar Wright: But the thing is that the script that I had written for Marvel, if we end up doing it, is actually wouldn’t work with that timeline the way that I’ve written it. So I actually had a talk with [Marvel Studios] Kevin Feige a couple of months ago--I think before Joss [Whedon] got involved--about “Is Ant Man going to be a part of THE AVENGERS?” and we kind of both agreed that maybe he shouldn’t on this first one, because of the way that my origin script works. And I think also because they are going for more like the Ultimates kind of version of The Avengers, but I hope I get to do the script that we did for Ant-Man, because it’s pretty…

Cera: Is it funny?

Edgar Wright: Yeah. It’s a different kind of origin film. I kind of figured you had seen every different variation of mad scientist creating a formula and stuff, so this is something a bit different.

Capone: Okay, well looking forward to it.
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