Edgar Wright Says He Hopes To Shoot ANT-MAN This Year

Edgar Wright Says He Hopes To Shoot ANT-MAN This Year

During a chat with Empire, Wright confirms that things are finally moving on his Ant-Man project, revealing that he hopes to start shooting the movie as soon as this year..

During a long podcast chat with Empire, Edgar Wright is once again quizzed about his long-in-development Ant-Man movie for Marvel. The director says that a lot of fans don't seem to realize how long it takes to get a movie off the starting blocks, but confirms that things are "definitely happening", and that he "dearly hopes" to shoot this year.

Skip to around the 18 minute mark..

This is the first time anyone involved with the movie has so much as mentioned shooting, so that has to be a good sign. Although Wright does also say he has a few other projects he's working on too. We had already heard from Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige that the first ever big screen outing for the diminutive superhero was "closer than it's ever been". It seems he wasn't pulling our leg. He also advised us to keep an eye on Edgar Wright's Twitter, and last week he posted this pic to his account..

..which many fans took as a sign that Ant-Man was definitely a go. Seems they were right. If Wright really is hoping/planning to shoot this year, surely a bit of casting news can't be too far away? Any and all updates as we have em.

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