Edgar Wright Talks About The Process Of Bringing ANT-MAN To The Silver Screen

Edgar Wright Talks About The Process Of Bringing ANT-MAN To The Silver Screen

Edgar Wright Talks About The Process Of Bringing ANT-MAN To The Silver Screen

Edgar Wright reveals just exactly how many drafts have been written and touches on the fan perception surrounding the difficulties of getting the project off the ground.

It's no secret that Ant-Man has had a long and tenuous development track and with a good opportunity for introduction now passed in Marvel's The Avengers, many fans have been wondering if we'll ever get an Ant-Man movie. Well, recently it was revealed that Wright shot a test reel for Ant-Man and there's been rumblings [please have salt at the ready] that the end credit scene in Iron Man 3 could finally lead to Edgar Wright's film. With all that in mind, Wright shared the following thoughts on the whole, seemingly frustrating process---

On the development of Ant-Man:
WRIGHT: The development process is something that has so many elements to it and that doesn't mean that you're writing every day. In fact me and Joe Cornish wrote a script (for Ant-Man) last year and we haven't done any work on it since, because they're happy with it, we're happy with it, we're dealing with other elements of it now, so I might be doing another film first, y'know.

What are these other elements? Is it scheduling? Or maybe procuring a lead actor?

On the numerous reports on the difficulties of the project:
WRIGHT: It's funny where its that thing in news stories where people say 'Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright have been writing this film for yeeeears,' and it's true and not true, we've done like three drafts of the script and we've got to a place where we're happy with it and so is everyone else, and now it's a question of when is that slot to make it?"

On the assumption that the issues with getting Ant-Man off the ground were solely resultant of script issues:
WRIGHT: "People assume if something's been in development for years there must be some kind of problem or something that we're desperately trying to fix, and that's not necessarily the case because you work on different things at different times."

"I think that what people don't really understand in terms of movies -- especially when film sites do hourly news -- is how many years it can take for a film to come together. Even Shaun of the Dead took four years to reach the screen."

Only time will tell. Fans are hoping that footage from Wright's test reel is revealed at this year's Comic-Con which is going on now. It could be shown during one of Hall H's Trailer Park panels or during the Iron Man 3 panel Saturday. As always, we'll have any news for you if/when it drops.

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