Edgar Wright Teases A Redemptive Arc For ANT-MAN

Edgar Wright Teases A Redemptive Arc For ANT-MAN

While discussing his movies and why he feels the need to constantly move forward and not focus on "nostalgia", the director explains why making Ant-Man -- a character many fans will have loved as kids -- doesn't make him a hypocrite. He also teases some of the themes of the movie..

In an interview with Cinemablend, The World's End director Edgar Wright talks about his work on that "Cornetto trilogy", and why he thinks it's not a good idea to dwell on the past with "remakes of movies that we loved when we were kids, toys that we had when we were kids." Of course this leads to interviewer to ask about Wright's next movie; a big screen adaptation of the classic Marvel character, Ant-Man. Wright explains why he feels this doesn't make him a hypocrite, before dropping a couple of hints about what we might expect to see from the "hero's journey" aspect of the story.

"..Because there’s never been a film adaptation of that character, I think it’s OK. If it was a remake of a film from 30 years ago, then I would be a hypocrite, but because it’s never been made into a movie ever. And also, to be honest, there are elements in that script that actually do continue themes from the other movies, an unlikely hero, a chance at redemption, and so, it’s not something, it’s going to be, it will be different, but I think it will still feel like one of my films."

So what could Ant-Man do that requires redemption? I'm sure many of you are now calling to mind the Ultimate version of Hank Pym that smacks his wife around...but I seriously doubt that'll come into play! Anyway, sound off with your thoughts/speculation in the usual place, and click on the link below for the interview in full.

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