EDITORIAL: The Paul Rudd Ant-Man Time Travel Theory

EDITORIAL: The Paul Rudd Ant-Man Time Travel Theory

What is the meaning of time to be exact in relevance of the Paul Rudd Ant-Man casting?

So Paul Rudd is playing Ant-Man isn't that a funny thing. So everyone likes this casting choice right? Well there is a slight problem and you see it is that Paul Rudd is not within his own time. Paul Rudd was in the 1980s during the events of Anchorman 2 meaning he would have to move forward in time to play Ant-Man. How can he possibly move forward in time to do so? Well it's this theory I had in mind which involves the sticky situation.

Paul Rudd was also in the events of This is The End which took place in present time or was it a future time? Meaning he had to travel forth to the future at some point. Then in another point Paul Rudd in his present state of mind had to be here right now meaning he does exist within this period of time. It is not possibly to end what is left of reality and known existence also stating in fact to end this current reality is to stop time but to stop time within the past would effect it greatly. Then to be in the future is to be in the future of what is right now. Paul Rudd's last time zone he was in was in the past hence the character of Ant-Man would have to originate from the past. So in order for the film to be made Ant-Man would need to be placed among a distance on the time zone meter. Think of the time zone meter as a portion to divide time itself. Evil. Here in the present time you are reading this it is a 10.5 on the meter of time plus the year currently minus what day it is of the marks meter. So theoretically Ant-Man is Hank Pym but not anymore as Hank Pym is now Paul Rudd who is really playing the character now. It just so happens this year he was announced to play Ant-Man when he was announced a long time ago but it did not present itself to this current time zone as of yet hence why the past and present times are coagulated differently.

Now if I was to say Paul Rudd was Ant-Man and go back about 5 or 3 down the time zone meter from were we currently stand at 10.5 no one would know what I am really talking. Now to describe what people would say towards Paul Rudd would be different since he wouldn't have existed that far down the time zone meter. Hence why him being Ant-Man would not interrupt a balance that mighty shift the ever changing time zones among the Earth. No. Only it is to be known that if one thousand years ago Ant-Man has existed it would be known Paul Rudd was Ant-Man. Hence the time travel theory of unlimited values. The values being placed on a scale of 1 to 100. The hundredth value being the maximum value that you could place time and the known universe you are in at. Run. The middle value however is the most important value to know. Which is where many of us currently stand in right now. As you reading you could be placed at any value within time and reality but it doesn't matter as matter shifts as particles and the air changes constantly into different atoms beyond our understanding. The future is where we have seen what time travel could really mean. Control. It is where we as who we are within reality is what we could do and say. I would find a taco on the moon and you could find a taco on the sun but is it possible to travel to the sun unless the sun was not really the sun but it was really an altered version of the sun you could touch.

The point of trying alter a mass is the point of trying to alter a state of gravity. Gravity can not be altered but you know what can be altered, our mind. Yes our mind can greatly be altered which is why I write to you today that Paul Rudd is not from the past nor the future but he is from the present time we are in but in another reality that has not yet been presented to us from a known distant future. You are currently reading this in a present state of a reality which is known and which we choose to accept as a reality. For the greater good. It is a strong philosophical belief that whoever controls time is the master of our gateway to hold what comes forth before and after. The master of time as in a control stance is actually in fact every single person on this planet and in this known universe. We hold a key in our minds that no talent among talent can differentiate. It is like if you smell a flower and then the flower appears to have no smell. Hope. Why not give the flower your own sense of smell? Why not the next person who smells the flower gives the flower it's own sense of smell? Now in that example two ordinary people have changed the path of one flower. That is how time works exactly and that is how time works towards the path of the future.

In a quote from an unknown writer he states, "I believe I have seen the future and the past at once in a mind alternating trip I had within my own private times. I am not the only one who has seen this but everyone else has. It's like the darkness that comes from when our eyes are closed. It's the darkness that caves in within the hollow time you are in and when you are not in that current time which is now empty."

He is true to the fact that we all have seen the past and present once before in a time we have not expected to see it. We even choose not to accept what we have seen but we forgo it into a storage of our memory within the brain. To meet the empty lands of what time is to meet the empty lands of an open field. It never ends. It just never ends. Wide and far seas great the among waters the like end it never. Think of me holding a potato and throwing it in that open field. How far would the potato travel until it wraps itself around the world and hits me in the back. What places would it travel to? That is how this theory works. Demons. Falling off a bridge could seem as if your falling into another portal or diving into the reigns of what seems like a plush amount of snow is like diving into a world of never ending enchantment like taking yourself to Wonderland or Narnia which exists not only in real present life but also existing now in what present time it is. "To be or not to be?", that is not the question but the question is to choose to be or not be and what would you choose?

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