Evangeline Lilly On Playing 'The Wasp' Post-ANT-MAN; Kevin Feige Talks Possibility In CIVIL WAR

Evangeline Lilly On Playing 'The Wasp' Post-ANT-MAN; Kevin Feige Talks Possibility In CIVIL WAR

Revealing whether or not she'll appear in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel's Kevin Feige has talked more about the Wasp's future and the possibility of Ant-Man 2 while Evangeline Lilly has discussed gearing up for the superheroine and how many movies she's signed on for!

As many expected when Evangeline Lilly was announced to be playing Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man, the movie's mid-credits scene confirms that she will eventually suit up and take flight as the Wasp. While Marvel Studios' head honcho Kevin Feige recently revealed that we will see the winged superheroine in a Phase 3 movie, he has now confirmed that won't be Captain America: Civil War.
“The truth is there’s so much going on in Civil War,” said Feige. “Wasp is such a huge character, and Hope is such a big part of [Ant-Man], her character journey is such a big part of that movie. We thought it would be a disservice to the Wasp to just have her show up — ‘Hello, I’m wearing the costume now! Goodbye!’ — because there’s too much else going on in that movie.”

However, in a separate interview with Slash Film, Feige revealed that the Wasp was initially in the Captain America threequel and that we would've seen her dynamic with Ant-Man flesh out. “She was included in early versions of Civil War but there are so many characters in Civil War that we didn’t want to do her a disservice, like she flies in, ‘I’ve got the costume now’, and she flies out,” he said. “With Ant-Man, and I’m not saying that’s what Ant-Man does in the movie, but we already know him, we’ve already seen him. We haven’t seen her as Wasp and we don’t want to rob the opportunity of seeing her in the outfit for at least almost the first time, and seeing her dynamic with Scott in a way it could play out, so we’re saving it. It’s going to be Phase 3 for sure.”

Back with Zap2it, Kevin Feige talked more about wanting to do the character justice when she does appear in the Phase 3 movie(s). “...I’ve seen that moment in [Ant-Man] where the door goes up and reveals that Wasp suit 15 thousand times now, and I get chills every single time because it is so cool,” he said. “Part of it is because you’ve been with her frustration, her ‘It’s about damn time.’ When we do it, which we’re going to, it needs to be done really well.”

When asked if there's a chance that a sequel to Ant-Man could be announced as a last-minute addition to the Phase 3 lineup, similar to the new standalone Spider-Man reboot, Kevin Feige said, “I don’t really know. There are only so many slots, which people don’t like when I say that, but it’s just the facts of how many weekends are in a year and also how many productions we can do and maintain the level of quality that we want to maintain. We’re keeping to basically the plan that was announced last October, with the addition of Spider-Man in there. I don’t really know where it could fit in sooner than that. But if there’s an overwhelming reason to find a place, we’ll look.”

Evangeline Lilly then discussed becoming the Wasp and revealed she's signed on for two more Marvel movies as well as a potential cameo in another Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.
“She was raised by two superheroes, so she knows probably better than everybody the pitfalls of that life, the pitfalls of that responsibility and how it can weigh on a human being and what it can do to their personal life,” Evangeline Lilly told Zap2it when asked if she knows how the Wasp will be portrayed as a superhero. “Hopefully that’s taught her a lot, and hopefully as she grows and matures and develops as a woman, that will give her greater and greater wisdom. When I signed on with that contract, I knew there was a chance I would never do another Marvel film, but they make you sign them anyway. I hope I actually get to fulfill that contract.” During a CinemaBlend interview, Evangeline Lilly had seemingly echoed what Kevin Feige said about The Wasp initially appearing in Captain America: Civil War. “There was an original plan and it got scrapped… I can’t tell you,” she said. “And now we’re re-fabricating plans and they’re still up in the air. We still don’t know.” Although she hadn't worn the Wasp suit, Lilly says she was fitted for it on Ant-Man. Perhaps, Robert Downey Jr.'s expanded Iron Man role in Civil War is what changed things. 

It's speculated that we'll see the Wasp in full glory in one of the two Avengers: Infinity War movies, if not both, but you can see her origins in Ant-Man which is in theaters now! What do you think?
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