Hulksta's Best Of 2015 (Video Game Edition)

Hulksta's Best Of 2015 (Video Game Edition)

Hulksta's Best Of 2015 (Video Game Edition)

What games was Hulksta playing this year? (HINT: It wasn't Hulk: Ultimate Destruction)

This is a series of articles detailing my top choices for TV, Video Games, and Films in 2015. So stay tuned to Hulksta Theatre for the other articles.

8. Pillars Of Eternity

As a fan of Baldur’s Gate, I saw an opportunity to invest in Obsidiian’s spiritual successor of sorts in Pillars of Eternity. When the game was released I was enamored. It’s a tough game that’s relatively fair but also doesn’t shy away from brutally killing off members of your party. Unlike a game like Mass Effect, it’s entirely possible that you will work on developing a character and learning their backstory only for them to be brutally slain in combat. It’s not for those who casually play games, but if you’re up for the task, Pillars of Eternity is challenging and rewarding as my 70+ hours into the game have indicated.

7. Marvel Heroes

When Marvel Heroes  was in beta I remember thinking that the game had a lot of potential but was stifled by technical issues and a lack of an engaging end-game. The game released and the technical issues were fixed but the end-game still suffered. So when Gazillion announced that Marvel Heroes was to be completely re-done in 2015 I was interested in learning more.

While it’s still not perfect, I’ve been finding myself going back to the game quite regularly. There’s new characters being added and old characters get tweaked regularly. There’s usually content tied to the Marvel films (i.e. Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man content) and the end-game content has been growing quite regularly. While the game wasn’t formally released this year, it did come into it’s own in 2015 and I enjoyed it for that.

6. Batman Arkham Knight

I felt like Arkham Knight was a solid, albeit slightly uninspired entry in the Arkham games. Still, when the standard of quality for these games is so high it’s still an enjoyable game. The graphics were outstanding, the fighting and Predator elements were top-notch; finally, the game touches on great themes and really dives into Batman’s psyche in a way that few adaptions of the Dark Knight have or will.

5. Megaman Legacy Collection

I’m a huge fan of Mega Man and his various games over decades worth of jumping, shooting, and sliding. The Legacy Collection emulates the games in a way that’s sharp, smart, and sensible to the Blue Bomber’s history. Changes like a manual save option means you don’t have to enter codes! The art and history of Mega Man is included to help you gain insight into the various characters and enemies. Even the ‘Remix Mode’ which gives you short challenges promotes quick thinking and practice to master the individual parts from Mega Man’s past.

4. Star Wars Battlefront

Just like how the aforementioned Legacy Collection captures Mega Man into a great collection, and how The Force Awakens seems to re-ignite fans love of the franchise, Battlefront takes what I love about Star Wars and makes it all playable in a well polished package. No matter what I’m doing in Battlefront, I feel like I’m living in that galaxy far, far away.

3. Metal Gear Solid V

I may have seen the twist coming a mile away, and I may have been slightly disappointed in the lack of proper boss battles; it’s hard to fault MGSV. Metal Gear Solid V is a game where I defined my own fun through combining the various elements of the gameplay. Using C4 to blow up a truck, distracting my enemies so that I can rescue a hostage, throwing a decoy to distract a guard so I can get through a door, and even leveling up all those weapons. The game offers freedom that few games do, and it’s that freedom that made it such a joy to play.

2. Fallout 4

From the opening scene that sets you on your quest, to the ending, I never felt like I was wasting time in the game. Whether I was searching for Shaun, trying to find an Alien Blaster, or customizing my weapons to my liking and play style; there’s so much here that I will still be exploring the Commonwealth and this game for years to come.

1. Bloodborne

A mark of a truly great game is the imprint it leaves on you. How it stays with you while you’re at work, the gym, or even in an entirely different city! My experience with Bloodborne wasn’t just me playing a game, it was a harrowing experience that challenged me and ingrained itself into my brain. I was coming up with strategies at work, talking to people about how they brought down a particularly tough enemy.

Everytime I died, I knew I had to learn and adapt. Everytime I’d explore a new area and watch streets fill with blood I’d be angry, upset, and even terrified. Whenever I saw an enemy who drew my attention always, it taught me I was not mastering the game, I was simply surviving it.

My story with Bloodborne was my own, amazing, exhausting, maddening, and ultimately inspiring. It’s a game that hooks onto you and never lets go. That’s why it’s my favourite game of 2015!

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