Is Work Finally Beginning On Marvel Studios' ANT-MAN?

Is Work Finally Beginning On Marvel Studios' ANT-MAN?

Is Work Finally Beginning On Marvel Studios' ANT-MAN?

Rumour has it that some sort of very early pre-production may have begun on Marvel Studios and Edgar Wright's Ant-Man as London comic book stores have been finding themselves bombarded with requests for classic issues. What are they looking for? Read on for details.

According to Bleeding Cool, there has recently been a lot of activity in some of London's comic book stores in regards to people hunting down old Ant-Man issues. 'So what?' you ask? Well, it just so happens that these particular stores (Forbidden Planet, Gosh and Orbital) are surrounded both by major movie studio offices and production companies who work on special effects. Judging from the excerpt below, it appears as if these guys are hunting down some research material.

Over the last three weeks, I hear that four separate people have been into Gosh Comics looking for Ant Man comics. Lots of Ant Man comics, in any condition.

Here’s the thing. No one asks for Ant Man comics. Not even, I’m told, when Marvel was still publishing Ant Man comics. Each time the individuals have been asked if it’s for the Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish film and they jump back, spooked, asking how they could possibly know...

Today, the fourth individual had a specific request, wanting reference for Ant Man‘s "echo time locator" from "the old series".

The past has shown that the site has a good relationship with stores such as these, so there's really no reason to doubt the authenticity of their claims. It could of course be a coincidence, but what with Edgar Wright being a British director and the fact that a big chunk of Captain America: The First Avenger being filmed in the UK, there's no reason to doubt that a great deal of Ant-Man's production could take place in the country as well. Oh, and does anyone have any idea what on Earth an, "echo time locator" is?!

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