Nathan Fillion on Playing Ant-Man in The Avengers

Nathan Fillion on Playing Ant-Man in The Avengers

Nathan Fillion on Playing Ant-Man in <em>The Avengers</em>

Nathan Fillion says he doesn't have the time to play Ant-Man in The Avengers and that the character wouldn't be his first choice anyway!

I had a chance to briefly chat with Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) at the Tron: Legacy party held last night at Flynn's Arcade in San Diego about the frequent rumors that he might be playing Ant-Man in either The Avengers or in an Ant-Man stand alone movie and here's what he had to say...

Brent Sprecher: It was revealed today at Joss Whedon's panel that you would not be playing Ant-Man in The Avengers, but was there ever any truth behind the rumors?

Nathan Fillion: You know what, the internet is a vast wealth of information, 90% of it false. I'm working ten months out of the year doing a television program where I don't get a lot of opportunities to sneak out after work and do other projects, so I'm kind of locked in. If you just look at the logistics of it, I'm really busy. Even if all of the stars were to align, I wouldn't have time to do it.

Brent Sprecher: Would Ant-Man be a preference for you? He's not one of the more well known...

Nathan Fillion: Yeah, if I had my choice, I would probably not pick Ant-Man. Nothing against Mr. Pym. But, no, I would not pick Ant-Man. He would not be my choice.

Nathan went on to say that he would like to star in a remake of The Greatest American Hero, though probably not with the character's characteristic perm. Watch and enjoy!

So, there you have it!

Sorry about the poor centering of the video. Nathan was much taller than I thought he would be and was standing really close to me and I didn't want to have my camera right up in his face.
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